Loofah/Gambas fiber
Shower and dish scrubber

Made from 100% Natural loofah/Gambas fiber. Another product from Segara Naturals with mutipurpose use. You can use it as your shower puff or you can scrub your dish together with our Klean n Kinclong soap dish. The texture is fibrous and strong enough to lather your body soap and to shed your dead skin cells, leaving your skin with smooth and silky feeling. This Loofah is also very suitable to scrub your dirty kitchen utensils, oily pans, sticky residues, or even dirty sink. The porosity of the Loofah keeps the water off to prevent microbial growth, keeping it odorless and longer lifetime.

As additional benefit, you can cut your loofah and use it as soap dish! It will help your Segara Naturals soap dry in between use so it will last longer!

M – panjang 15-19cm, diameter 6-7cm

How to use:
Wet the Loofah with water until soft, lather the shower gel/dish soap, then start cleaning

100% Natural Loofah

Weight 50 g


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